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    Serial port support for 3410

    Does the 3410 J2ME implementation have support for serial communication? I tried to open a connector (to comm), but it kept failing. The Nokia developer's suite emulator returns the error:

    "Nokia 6310i MIDP SDK Beta 0.9: javax.microedition.io.ConnectionNotFoundException: The requested protocol does not exist comm:0;baudrate=1200;bitsperchar=8;stopbits=1;parity=none"

    Yes I know it's for the 6310, but thats the best diagnostic error message I could find, as the Wireless toolkit emulator from Sun worked just fine.

    Any help here would naturally be greatly appreciated.

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    RE: Serial port support for 3410


    No Java support for serial connectivity (serial, bluetooth, infrared) is currently available in Nokia Java phones. Besides, Nokia 3410 doesn't even have any serial interfaces.


    Petteri / Forum Nokia

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