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    How to enable infrared on Series 60 Emulator

    I am able to send data from 7650 to my laptop Windows software ("Wireless link&quot i.e. IrDA hardware is OK.
    However, how can I activate "infrared" in Series 60 SDK, i.e.:
    1) configure to use (with COM2, etc.) - I have found some "irda_wins.esk" file in SDK but no descriptions;
    2) on real 7650 you should select the "Infrared" in "Connectivity" and get "Infrared activated" message before other devices will see you device. After some timeout infrared is deactivated automatically. However there is no "Connectivity" folder on SDK. Can I do something similar programmatically, i.e. start some "infrared" server, that other devices would see my SDK infrared? Or should I also disable Windows infrared software, etc.?

    Please give me any document, similar to "Setting up and Using Bluetooth Testing Environment for Series 60 Platform", but describing the infrared setting on SDK.

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    RE: How to enable infrared on Series 60 Emulator

    The only way to use infrared on the emulator is to activate it from your application (using APIs) as there is no separate infrared UI.

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