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    Question INI FILES ... SECURE ?

    For sensitive Data saving,
    are INI-FILES good Idea ?

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    Re: INI FILES ... SECURE ?

    Ini files are ... just files. What makes them secure or not is:
    - where do you place the file
    - how do you encode the data in them

    A ini file stored in your private directory, in phone's memory, is protected by being inaccessible from most other applications.

    If the ini file is in a unprotected location then any application (or user) can read it and if they can decode its content then ...
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    Re: INI FILES ... SECURE ?

    you can always encrypt the data, some help could be found from the wiki: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph..._to_Symbian_OS

    I would suggest using the Symbian provided APIs, and not the unofficial-port , so check the link in the upper part of that wiki page.

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