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    Nokia 22 ver. Premi Cell ????

    Hi Guys,
    Please can you tell me why Nokia removed the Premicell from the market place ???? I am sitting with quite a few clients that I have installed Premicell's for and now have problems with them ! The main needs for the PremiCell in our area here is for the fax...... Now the Nokia 22 does not suport stand alone faxing This was a very bad move guys.....

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    RE: Nokia 22 ver. Premi Cell ????

    Dear Customer,

    the life cycle of the Premicell came to it's end mainly because some of the components are not manufactured anymore.

    There is a Possio fax available in the market that can be used with N22. It is connected via the RS-232 interface to N22.

    Kind Regards,
    M2M developer support team

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