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    Mobile Management System

    Hey guys..

    M not sure if it is the right thread or not.

    Anyway i am having this problem. M trying to work on Mobile Management system for my final year project. It is something like you know every organization has some management system for their employees only and they can access that only through their office machines. I am trying to make the similar management system which they can use on their PDAs as well . And will be using .NET for that. But i need more technical know how before i can proceed with it...Such as what database should i go for. and what connectivity i should use.

    and i heard that using your mobile device you can not change the database ..is it??

    Any guidance and suggestion is welcome.

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    Re: Mobile Management System

    you should first propably read the getting started documents, then decide which implementation language supports the tasks in your application the best, and then start hecking the implementation specific issues within the selected technology, and when you get more detailed problems, then you could post questions in correct parts of this forum.

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