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    3361/3360 IrDa and Pc Suite 4

    I am running windows Xp Pro and just recently bought a infrared usb device to use. So heres my problem when connecting the 2 i have no problem i can see that there is a connection going on but the PC Suite 4 wont find my phone when i go to use content copier. Is there a way to get it to know its the phone ?

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    RE: 3361/3360 IrDa and Pc Suite 4

    Hi there,

    For end user questions or in questions related to Nokia PC Suites, it is recommended to contact Club Nokia. More information about Club Nokia is available at http://www.club.nokia.com.

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    if you are using BAFO usb-IR then you may try the following

    This is the solution that I found from irda.org newsgroup and I have verified it. thanks to wouter.

    Re: More Nokia 7210 IrDA Issues - 3/10/2003 - wouter
    Message Text:

    go to control panel / wireless link / hardware / properties / advanced, and select Vishay 6101E, trunaround=1 Ms / speed enable=115200. It will work.

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