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    Newbie [info]

    HI, i'm new to J2ME. Fortunately i know Java quite well and now i'm trying to understand SDKs and new softwares...
    I've installed the plug-in for my JBuilder and started studying on nokia's examples.

    Next month i'll get the 3650 model and i'd like to exploit the maximum from it. are there new methods-libraries for this new mobilephone? Everything has improved but i'm still using a 7210 emulator... what i have got to do??

    Plz help me..

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    RE: Newbie [info]


    The Nokia 3650 is based on the Symbian OS, there are some differences in Java implementation between 3650 and 7210 (which is a series 40 phone). The screen size and fonts size are different in two models, when you develop some MIDlet game that use many Canvas or FullCanvas, you should take care of this differences.

    The available memory for MIDlets, Heap Memory size, persistent Storage size and OTA Download Limit are different between two models. Nokia 7210 has strict limited numbers for the memory use, Nokia 3650 can allocate memory dynamically, the total free user memory is 4 MB and you can also add a memory card in 3650 to enlarge the memory available for use.

    Nokia 3650 includes two new APIs - Wireless Messaging API and Moblie Media API. Nokia UI API is also included but Vibration and backlight are not supported.

    I hope this helps

    Kui Wang/Forum Nokia

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