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    White area on alert (any type), using new firmware in E51 and E90

    Hi all, I want to report bug, about white area on alert (any type, eg: progress, confirmation, errorinfo, etc) in the latest firmware release. This white area, shown in different position when showing different type of alert. When using old firmware, this bug not happened.
    I've got a first release of E90 mocca, and the bug not shown up.
    When using the latest E90 black, the bug is shown up. It's also shown up when my E90 mocca firmware updated with the new one.
    It's also shown on E51. I'm not sure with other phone model, because I don't have one.
    This bug shown on MIDP application only, not in C++.
    Thank you

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    Re: White area on alert (any type), using new firmware in E51 and E90

    To report a bug go to

    http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/tech...nical_support/ and follow the instructions (there are hyperlinks on that page)...

    Bug reporting is a feature on the Forum Nokia Web site that enables developers to submit bug reports related to Nokia platforms. These submissions are analyzed by technical experts, and the resulting technical solutions and known issues are published in the Forum Nokia KnowledgeBase.

    To use this free-of-charge feature, the only requirements are that you be a registered member of Forum Nokia and have an e-store account. Please follow these steps to report a bug:

    Log in to Forum Nokia.
    Go to bug reporting and follow the instructions. If you can't access the bug-reporting feature, please create an e-store account.
    Please note that bug reporting does not initiate individual technical support. If you’d like to request Forum Nokia Technical Support, go to the Forum Nokia Developer Programs Technical Resources page and follow the instructions.

    This is free but you do need to create an account.


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