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    Installing the MWS GW..

    I have installed the mws gw and am currently testing it in the WLAN.. The registered connectors can connect to the gateway and show under the webapps(administrator-features-onliners).. when one types http://localhost:8080/~<muserID>, however a 404 error from the gateway tomcat server comes up..

    In the tomcat logs I picked up something suspicious(newer protocol):


    com.nokia.mws.connector.server - Unknown element (newer protocol?)connector
    INFO Thread-2 com.nokia.mws.connector.server - MuserEngine <init>(shange, ..., nP:com.nokia.mws.connector.server.p03.NetworkParams_0_3@1284fd4(20000,10000, fixed), maxDc:10, ...)
    INFO Thread-2 com.nokia.mws.connector.server - Muser shange connected.

    WARN TimerMgr:SchedulerThread com.nokia.mws.util - Thread TimerMgr:SchedulerThread got exception during running
    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: timeout value is negative


    The mws.connector.client displays this when it makes a connection:

    rying to go online...
    # received Gw Msg: GwMsg (
    result code: 200
    result msg: OK
    data req msg: false
    keepalive msg: false
    keepalive secs: 3
    maxlatency secs: 10

    # setting SOTIMEOUT to 3 + 10 secs.
    # starting controller thread ...
    Gw is keepalive - COOL (fixed)

    Does this suggest a difference in protocols?
    please help!
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