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Thread: Address Token

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    Address Token

    I am working on the MMS Specs. According to WAP MMS Transactions, the Senders Address or Address Token have to be mandatorily inserted. Can anyone tell me what it means by Address Token.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Srinivasa Vellanki

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    RE: Address Token


    Usually, when the specifications say "token"... they use it as an abstract representation of a piece of data such as a keyword, operator, or identifier. Usually, in the specification, the meaning/value of the token is explained just below. But sometimes, you may have to look elsewhere in the document.

    The specification means that the Senders Address is mandatory for M-Send.req messages, but it can be in a variety of formats.
    If you are reading, the WAP-MMSEncapsulation specification, refer to Section 8 for details on the MMS Address model.

    Have fun!

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