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    MWS on N80 - Internal Server Error


    Just wanted to let you all know that I had some problems with MWS 1.3 and 1.4 on my N80.

    My MWS-installation ran into problems recently, when I was able to start it and it was showing "running", but every request to the site in a separate browser ended in the "Internal Server Error"-page being shown.

    Re-installation didn't change this matter, only total removal and a new installation solved it. When I tried to re-import the old "content.db"-file I ran into the same problem and got the "Internal Server Error"-page again.

    Just to explain it a bit more: I had this error on MWS 1.3 BEFORE updating to v1.4. The server was just idling, then suddenly disconnecting... Then when I launched it and started the server again it showed a warning on my phone saying "Internal Server Error!" and it would not serve any pages (but bring up the "500 - Internal Server Error"-page when browsing to the site).

    Well, hard to explain and oddly I had the same thing with a fresh install of MWS v1.4. All I did to rectify this error was to shut down the server, rename the content.db to content-1.db, restart the MWS and shut it down again, rename the content-1.db to content.db, restart the server and it worked... Don't ask me...

    The error log contained the following notices:
    "mod_python: Creating 4 session mutexes based on 0 max processes and 4 max threads."
    "ThreadLimit 4>1 and mod_python and/or mod_php5 loaded, but they don't (yet) support threading. ThreadLimit reset to 1."

    Well, now it has been running fine for two weeks!

    Cheers, Erik

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    Re: MWS on N80 - Internal Server Error

    Usually this is a case of there not being enough memory on your device to execute the return request for MWS to run. I get it from time to time on my N75 and usually a reboot and restart of the server gets things back working.

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