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    How to add a nokia 7650 emulator to WTK

    Hi all,
    I am new to J2ME,can any one of you kindly help me?
    I have tried a simple MIDP application with Wireless Tool Kit(WTK),in that I don't find a nokia emulator,I want to add Nokia 7650 Emulator into WTK,first of all Is it possible to add? If yes where can I download the Nokia 7650 Emulator and how to add it to WTK?
    Thanks in advance

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    RE: How to add a nokia 7650 emulator to WTK

    First you have to download the Nokia Developer's Suite for J2ME?,
    from Forum Nokia >>> Java >>> Tools and SDKs >>> J2ME MIDP Tools. You can then download and install the proper emulator (the "kind-of-7650" emulator is the Nokia Series 60 Concept Beta SDK, downloadable from the same location.
    Now you can build and run your MIDlets from Nokia's development environment. If you want to use the Series 60 emulator on WTK, after having it installed on your machine, copy the folder
    [NOKIA_DEVELOPERS_SUITE_PATH]\Emulators\Nokia_Series_60_MIDP_Concept_SDK_Beta_0_1 into
    [J2MEWTK_PATH]\wtklib\devices. When you open the WTK you will find the Nokia Series 60 Concept Beta device listed in the emulator listbox.
    Please note that at this point you can't access Nokia's APIs (com.nokia.*) from the WTK even if you are running a Nokia emulator (you can if you are using the Nokia Dev. Suite). By default the WTK uses only the standard MIDP profile (i.e. uses midpapi.zip in the -classpath when build). If you wanna run only standard MIDP you don't have to do anything particular. In order to use to WTK to build/display Nokia-specific MIDP, you must add nokia's classes (bin/classes.zip in your emulator's folder] to your -classpath.
    A really "brutal" way to make your Nokia Emulators work in the WTK is to override the default [J2MEWTK_PATH]\lib\midpapi.zip with your [NOKIA_DEVELOPERS_SUITE_PATH]\Emulators\[EMULATOR_X_FOLDER]\lib\classes.zip using the same name (by default the WTK builds and run using midapi.zip in its -classpath). I don't suggest this method even if it can be a really fast approach if youre not familiar with the WTK/Emulator customization.
    Now you should be able build and display nokia specific MIDlets in the WTK as well.
    Of course you can use IDEs like "Borland JBuilder + MobileSet" or "Sun ONE Studio for ME" and then integrate them with the Nokia Dev. Suite {all the Nokia emulators you install will be available in the IDE). In this case you have to install JB or Sun's ONE before you install the Nokia Dev. Suite.
    You can find exaustive documentation about this issues in Forum Nokia Java Documents.

    Hope this helps

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    RE: How to add a nokia 7650 emulator to WTK


    The emualtors (SDKs) can be download from Forum Nokia: Technologies: Java: Tools and SDKs: MIDP. You can choose several SDKs for download, the one fit Nokia 7650 quite well is Nokia Series 60 MIDP Concept SDK Beta 0.11. You can also use this SDK to test the MIDlets for Nokia 3650. Please note, the emulator and physical device may not behave exactly same as each other.

    The easiest way to configure the emulator to WTK is to install it in the following directory: <Your IDE install directory>\J2mewtk\wtklib\devices

    If you have already install the emulator but not in the above directory, you can copy the entire emulator directory structure to the above directory.

    I hope this helps

    Kui Wang / Forum Nokia

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