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    No dropdown lists and other limitations in J2ME?

    Hi guys!

    I have some newbie questions.

    I am using Netbean and trying to learn to develope some Java applications for my new N95.

    What puzzles me, is that my choice of "components" seems to be rather limited.

    Can really be that something like a dropdown list is not supported???

    I am in the process of researching how to port a Windows Mobile C# application to N95. This application uses dropdown list for choosing task and for choosing a date from a calendar.

    Further, it also uses a database table for displaying tasks.

    Is there a difference between what is possible in Java, C++ and Python????

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    Re: No dropdown lists and other limitations in J2ME?

    Hi Keb,

    I cannot make a detailed comparison between Java, C++ and Python, but what is true is that Java ME natively supports only a limited set of (high-level) UI components. When you need to use some component that is not available, you have various possible choices:

    * look at http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph..._UI_Frameworks: they usually implement a large set of customizable UI components (together with other various useful features). They're usually a good solution to build a Java ME app, but you should always care about their licensing options (and prices).

    * implement your own UI components, using low-level graphic primitives (if you want to build a Canvas-based application) or simply using the CustomItem object (if you want to build high-level, Form-based applications)

    Hope it helps,

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    Re: No dropdown lists and other limitations in J2ME?

    Hi Keb,
    To answer you first question. You can use choice group component inw MIDP 2.0 with the type as POPUP for dropdown list eg:
    new ChoiceGroup("Pop-Up", ChoiceGroup.POPUP, stringArray, imageArray)

    for date control you can use Date field control in MIDP2.0
    eg: new DateField("Date", DateField.DATE));
    new DateField("Time", DateField.TIME));
    new DateField("Date & Time", DateField.DATE_TIME));
    For displaying in table you have to go for custom item. With Sun Java Wireless tool kit you will get a sample application for this.


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