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    Question [moved] Want to change GUI , how ????


    i have written my application in python.

    But now i require to change some UI contents.
    e.g.. OPTIONS to NEXT
    EXIT to BACK
    so is it possible through symbian C++?
    if yes How?

    shall i write extention in Symbian C++ or simply some modifications in .RSS file will help?
    please guide me if i am asking something wrong.

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    Re: [moved] Want to change GUI , how ????

    I do not know Python, but if you have a .rss file, and R_AVKON_SOFTKEYS_OPTIONS_EXIT appear somewhere in it, you can replace it with R_AVKON_SOFTKEYS_OPTIONS_BACK (or any other CBA resource - the R_AVKON_SOFTKEYS... are just the pre-defined ones, which you can find in epoc32\include\avkon.rsg).

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    Re: [moved] Want to change GUI , how ????


    This link may be helpful to you.

    Thanks & Regards
    Symbian OS 9.2/9.3,S60 3rd FP1/FP2,Carbide.c++v2.0

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