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    Socket programming on Series 60 - 7650 Emulator

    I am using the following code for connecting through Sockets.

    RSocketServ iSocketServ;

    RSocket iSocket;
    iSocket.Open(iSocketServ, KAfInet, KSockStream, KProtocolInetTcp);

    TInetAddr iAddress;
    const TUint32 KInetAddr = INET_ADDR(192,118,50,76);
    iSocket.Connect(iAddress, iStatus);

    And I have implemented the RunL of my Active Object derived class.

    But still the iStatus value checked in the RunL gives an error of KErrGeneral.

    I have set up modem settings by running setupcomms.bat and modifying the following values:

    PortName to COMM::0

    TSYName to HAYES

    CSYName to ECUART

    And also I changed the settings in the 7650 emulator in "Connection" in "Settings" and I am using Direct PPP.

    I would like to get some help if some problem is with the code or some other settings.

    Thank you in advance for your support.

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    RE: Socket programming on Series 60 - 7650 Emulator


    It looks like as if you wanted to establish connection from your PC, i.e. from emulator. I think it is the case, because Direct PPP access point can be used only for that purpose, otherwise you should give a proper dial-up number. But, if you want to do that and your desktop operating system is MS-Windows, then you have to use RAS access point, because it's only RAS usage that makes it possible to make a connection (under Windows). Another but : I don't know what the situation is with the latest SDK, v1.0, but there was a problem with SDK v0.9 ==> the RAS access point it contained was bad, it was improperly configured. You know, a modem init string is necessary in order to make it work and that was missing, at least as far as I know.
    Solution :
    - there's a topic with the title of "Socket connection with 7650" or similar, in which there's a quotation ==> it refers to a web site from which you can download a properly configured comms db.
    - I'm not sure if this is the proper solution, but it may help : copy the following script to your RAS access point's advanced setting (Login script)
    ---- script begins ----
    CHARMAP [windows-1252]
    LOOP 10
    SEND "CLIENT"+<0x0d>
    WAIT 3
    EXIT KErrNoAnswer

    ---- script ends ----

    And don't forget to set "Use login script" to YES.

    Hope that it helps,


    Ps.: you know, KErrGeneral is too general to me. If the afore-mentioned solution didn't help, then I'd be at my wits end.

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