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    Firmware bugs overview !

    Dear Support,

    Would it not be about time to create a web page where you list all know bugs with all firmware !!!

    People who start developing now will work with the latest firmware and if they make their application work then they are happy, as they will think it will work on all handsets. But as we all know, this is not always the case.
    Example, if you develop a game on 3410, then you might not know about the clipping problems, so you will not implement your own clipping !! You might only use softkeys for accessing different things, well, lets hope you dont use the full canvas then !!! You might even use SMS, which also will fail on early phones. On 7650 you might change the sound volume, which will crash on some phones. Also seems that the max heap size for 7650 was reduced to max 1.4 MB...and there are more

    I understand there are problems and always will be firmware bugs, but at least document them for us.

    It would also have been great if we could check firmware version on the phone the application is running on, then we could do work around the bugs.

    It is also impossible for people to test their applications on all firmwares. It would be great if it was possible as developer to upgrade/downgrade the phones from our own offices (hey, I dont mind paying a thousand EURO for this...).

    I hope someone from Nokia will comment on this (and not a comment like : We will look into it).


    Sam Nova

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    RE: Firmware bugs overview !


    We understand this and we have faced the need for this kind of information to be shared with developers.

    We have some plans to create a kind of Technical Notes section to the
    forum.nokia.com/java where is information about known problems and workarounds, also some possible release notes releated to the models and APIs.

    I hope we can have this soon to help you

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    RE: Firmware bugs overview !


    we all share this problem.

    IMHO i would rather want ONE firmware for a specific phone with no updates at all. If it has bugs - fine, we will work around them. But issuing updates which introduce new bugs or fix serious bugs like the 3410 clipping error are even worse. There is no way to distinguish between different FW versions and so we have to create a version for all problems just blowing up the code.

    I think this is the most practicable solution. And to be honest, if those of us who get the prototypes would be better bug-report submitters, we would have better phones in the end, right?

    But we all know that even during our precious "loan and test use" period the firmware is likely to change at least 10 times ;-)))


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    Re: Technical Notes...

    So was a 'Technical Notes' page ever constructed?

    I'm having Firmware-related problems and can't find any info...

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