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    J2ME apps embedded within an MMS Message


    I have seen this message posted before, but the answers have not been especially helpful.

    My question is can a J2ME appliation be embedded within an MMS Message? If so, how is it done? And what is the user experience with the device?

    In the past, we've been referred to the "Creating MMS Services" document for more information, but this document doesn't cover this topic thoroughly.

    I would appreciate a more comprehensive answer or a reference to a useful resource to examine.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    RE: J2ME apps embedded within an MMS Message


    Like you probably already read from the previous posts, MMS as a technology doesn't restrict the content what is delivered in it. But the terminals have some restrictions at the moment.

    At the moment Series60 terminals (3650, 7650) can handle Java apps received in MMS message. Series30 and 40 terminals cannot do it at the moment.

    You can use e.g. MMS Java Library 1.1 (Originating Application -example) to encode the MMS messages. Just use application/java-archive as a content type.

    Best regards,
    V / Forum Nokia

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