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    Launch transferring tool problem!?

    Hi there.

    When I try to transfer my lovely new theme that took me ages to do I get a error message pop up and saying "The path to the external transferring tool is not set correctly, please check the settings at windows->preferences etc etc. Now when I click ok I just get lots of empty boxes. I've on XP SP2 so what should go in these boxes!!?? I've got a N95 and a N95 8gb.

    Its driving me nuts!!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Launch transferring tool problem!?

    Defore Transfering the Theme to the Phone...
    1. Your PC must have the BlueTooth or USB to connect to the Phone.
    Please do the following steps...
    1. Go to Windows Menu --> Preferences --> Select "External Tool" from right side of the Preference Window
    2. In External Tool section, go to "External Transfering Tool" - There you provide the Nokia PC Suite installation Path.
    Ex: C:\Program Files\Nokia\NSeries PC Suite\Application Installer\ApplicationInstaller.exe (For My Machine)
    3. Click on "Apply" and then "Ok"

    Now you try to transfer your lovely theme... It must work now.

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    Re: Launch transferring tool problem!?

    only wanna save theme >>>>>>>
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    Re: Launch transferring tool problem!?

    Please follow these steps for transferring your theme.
    1. Enable Bluetooth option in your phone.
    2. Connect a bluetooth dongle to your PC .
    3. Right click on your theme and you will get the "Send to" option.
    4. In that select "Bluetooth" option.
    5. Once you select this ,it will automatically detect your device and just transfer your theme.

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    Re: Launch transferring tool problem!?

    OooO thanks .............

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