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    joystick A/S control

    I'm creating an animated screensaver (with audio) on my E62. I'd like to include a few test controls(?) for the anims using the joystick. For example, as I'm developing, I'd like to be able to change joystick-left to go to frame 34, etc.

    It'd be great to have an outline to the other 3 commands (right, up , & down).

    Thank you and I hope I haven't aggravated anyone. =\

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    Re: joystick A/S control

    E62 does not support animations in screensaver mode. However to create an interactive Flash Lite 1.1 animation for the E62, you can make use of key events.

    To use key events, you place a button outside the stage area and attach the following code to it to capture key events. You can capture more than one key with a button.

    on(keyPress "<Up>"){
    on(keyPress "<Right>"){
    on(keyPress "<Down>"){

    Mariam Dholkawala

    Blog - http://www.mariamdholkawala.com/mobile
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