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    Retriving Contact No

    In my application i am opening the default database which will display only the names, when selected any particular name it will show the details, like ph no, email etc. For the screen where only names are displayed i have included an option called retrieve no.

    I wanted to know how to get only the contact no of the selected name from the list. with that contact no i will be doing further operations in my application.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Retriving Contact No

    CPbkContactEngine* iPbkContactEngine = CPbkContactEngine::NewL();

    RPbkViewResourceFile phonebookResource( *(CEikonEnv::Static() ) );
    if ( !phonebookResource.IsOpen() )

    CContactDatabase::TContactViewFilter filter(CContactDatabase::EPhonable)
    CPbkMultipleEntryFetchDlg::TParams params;
    params.iContactView = &iPbkContactEngine->FilteredContactViewsL(filter);

    for ( TInt i = 0; i < paramCount; ++i )
    const TContactItemId contactID = ( *params.iMarkedEntries )[ i ];
    // Open the current contact from Phonebook (using Pbk-engine)
    CPbkContactItem* pbkItem = phonebookEngine->ReadContactL( contactID );
    HBufC* num= tempAddress.AllocL();
    array.AppendL(*num); // here array is of descriptor type which is member variable of class

    or u can use CContactDataBase

    CContactDatabase *aDatabase = CContactDatabase::OpenL(databaseName);
    CContactItem *item = aDatabase->ReadContactLC(contactId);

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