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    simulating sockets

    Since im writing a javaclient for an online, multiplayer game the lack of sockets is a regular pain for me, or so i belive. The way i understand it, simulating a sockets functionality using http would generate alot of extra network traffic? Since i would have to keep asking the server if anything has happend rather than the server being able to tell me as soon as something happend? or am i confused somehow?

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    RE: simulating sockets


    Java MIDP implementation in Nokia mobiles does support only http connection, one exeption is
    Series 40 Beta 0.3 SDK which
    contains DatagramConnection
    import javax.microedition.io.DatagramConnection;

    Nokia 6800 Java MIDP suports sockets, you can use it
    but Nokia do not provide any help/support related to the sockets.

    So there is no way to use UDP connection in other models.

    By simulating the features and behaviour of sockets would be quite hard task and beside it would eat a lot of resources.

    One possible way propably would be open the Stream connection to the server and then keeping it open and reading it.
    Or just polling the data from the server.

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