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Thread: legal issues

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    legal issues

    I was trying to find some guidelines with regard to copyright (and possibly other legal) issues related to writing widgets:

    I mean, if I'm about to create a widget to fetch content from an arbitrary website, am I supposed to ask permission of the owner of the site (i.e. owner of the content) first? Or, I just write the widget and use data from the source to my liking?

    What about the logos of the original site? I suppose, the widget developer shouldn't use those without permission on his/her own widget.

    I'd appreciate if somebody would summarize me how these issues were handled in case of the existing widgets. Does Nokia has an official guideline related to all this?

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    Re: legal issues

    As with any development, you need to obey the rules and requlations, it is no different on developing Widgets than developing web or mobile application in general. And you can not use content owned by somebody else unless you have their permission,and if you utilize somebody elses service, you need to follow the rules set for utilizing the service.

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    Re: legal issues

    This use of website detail is the same for WidSets. In many cases an XML feed for an RSS reader is available for UK websites.
    Provided you correctly attribute the source of your information and allow access via the widget to the source( website) in a browser you can use the information. You cannot do anything you like with this information of file, copyright still remains with the supplier, you must abide by the Terms and Conditions just as you accepted these terms using the original WidSets website

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