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Thread: Aligning an SMS

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    Aligning an SMS

    If I send a sms through VB6 (for example Week 1, Day 2, Name Jan) it is delivered on my phone as 1 line.
    But I want the sms to be delivered as:
    Week 1
    Day 2
    Name Jan

    I tried it with a vbcrlf, with a vblf, with chr$(13) and chr$(10) but nothing works. Do you no how to make this possible? Is there a carriage return or line feed that the nokia or sms understands?

    thanx, Adriaan

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    RE: Aligning an SMS

    Hai Adriaan ,
    Iam new to this network and iam working as Software Web Application Developer . Right now i have got a new requirement , where i have to send SMS messages to mobile devices . Right now Iam working on VB6.0,ASP,COm/DCOM,XML etc and i don't know how to proceed . Can u please tell me how should i proceed for sending SMS to cell phones using VB6. If u give me some sample Code it will be very helpful to me as i have to finish the feature in another 1 week .
    Sorry , this is not the answer that u were looking fo ur question but pls help me in this matter .

    thanxs , Abilash

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