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    SMS interactive application


    I'm new to SMS messaging.
    Once I've seen the demo of interactive SMS application where 2-way messaging was used. The idea was:
    mobile client receives SMS message with navigation controls (i.e hrefs, menus) in the body of the message
    from the web server. For example: server sends stock quotes and the body of the message contains href "Refresh"
    or "Fetch next 10". The user can click that link and request the server for the another SMS message.

    I understand this can be easily done using WAP. But what about 2-way SMS or WAP push?
    I cannot figure out howto to create this kind of content of the SMS message.
    Is it possible at all?

    I'd really appreciate if somebody clear it out for me.

    Thanks in advance.


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    RE: SMS interactive application


    It's not possible with SMS. WAP has all the features needed for this kind of application.

    Some SIM cards are able to store some sort of a menu structure and session creation top of SMS, this technology is called "SIM Toolkit". This is a technology that needs to be developed with close co-operation with your network provider, they might have some additional information available.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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