I am trying to run the BlockGame example in the Nokia Developer's Suite. It runs fine on the default emulators that come with the WTK.

But when I try to run it in the Nokia emulator using the following command:

java -classpath "C:\Nokia\Devices\Nokia_6310i_MIDP_SDK_v1_1\tools\emulator.jar"
-Demulator.home="C:\Nokia\Devices\Nokia_6310i_MIDP_SDK_v1_1" com.nokia.phone.sdk.Emulator -Xdescriptor "C:\Nokia\Tools\Nokia_Developers_Suite_for_J2ME\midp_examples\BloackGame.jad"

The emulator pops up for 1 sec and disappears and I get the following error:

Emulator command: C:\Nokia\Devices\Nokia_6310i_MIDP_SDK_v1_1\bin\Nokia_Emulator.exe -faceplate 6310i.faceplate -parent_port 2810 -classpath C:\Nokia\Devices\Nokia_6310i_MIDP_SDK_v1_1\lib\classes.zip BlockGame.jad

error loading BlockGame.jad

Can someone please help!!