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    unable to start Nokia Tool Kit

    Posted by gayathri krishna murthy, gayathri_a@usa.net
    on October 17, 2000 at 07:49

    I have installed Nokia Tool Kit on Window'95 but I am unable to start the Kit. When I open the batch file start_server_sim.bat, It is giving an error as unable to start the server, and It is looking for a java file to get excuted. I am enclosing the batch file

    Can any body let me know about this.

    rem -------------------------------------
    rem Server Simulator script For Win98
    rem -------------------------------------

    set JAVADIR=c:Progra~1JavaSoftJRE1.2
    set JAVA_LIB=%JAVADIR%lib
    set JAVA_EXE=%JAVADIR%binjava.exe

    if not exist %JAVA_EXE% goto out_bad

    cd ServerSimulator
    deltree /y config*.*
    deltree /y logs*.*
    set path=libi386;%PATH%
    set cp=libwapminisrv.jar;libactivation.jar;libjsdk.jar;libmail.jar;%classpath%
    %JAVA_EXE% -classpath %cp% com.nokia.wap.gw.manager.MiniServerManager %1
    goto out_ok

    echo ------------------------------------------------------
    echo ERROR: Can't find java executable.
    echo Edit this script and replace the JAVADIR variable with
    echo the location of your java binary directory for this system.
    echo -------------------------------------------------------
    goto end

    echo Server Simulator Done.


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    RE: unable to start Nokia Tool Kit

    Posted by jstar, jhaker@lecarte.com
    on October 18, 2000 at 01:44

    You must have javaruntime installed before you can use the toolkit. You can download it from sun or tucows.

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