My application has a bug when run on some S60 devices(have tested on N5500, N73). The scenario is:

There is a high-level form(have tested for List and Form). On click of a command, I show a kind of splash screen(a class I have made with Canvas myself) in a thread, and in the background the main thread connects to the server and gets some data. When the data is received, an alert is shown on top of the splash screen. On dismissing this alert, the user is directed back either to the updated high-level form on which she originally was or to a new high-level form. Now, the problem is that on coming back to the high-level form, the title bar is not repainted - the splash screen's topmost part is visible in the title bar area. The rest of the form is perfectly shown.

I have tried to add an explicit dismiss command on the alert, but it does not help either. When I try the same thing with a high-level TextBox before the splash screen, and a List after the splash screen, there is no problem!! Also, when there is no splash screen in between, this bug does not surface.

I would be extremely grateful if you could provide any pointers on this issue.