I'm comparing the technical specs of the 5320 XpressMusic and the N78.

Both run the same Symbian version (9.3) and the same S60 version and FP (3rd ed. FP 2) and have the same CPU. The 5320 has even more SDRAM memory.

Is it correct that the 5320 is MIDP 2.0 and N78 MIDP 2.1?

The most relevant difference between MIDP 2.0 and 2.1 is that the latter requires CLDC 1.1 and both claim to support it.

Being MIDP 2.1 is the only thing that is missing from the 5320 to claim JSR 248 compliant.

I find it strange that an older phone as the 6555 supports JSR 248 (http://www.forum.nokia.com/devices/6555) and not the 5320 which is so similar to the N78. The 5310 XpressMusic supports JSR 248, too.

I hope someone can confirm if JSR 248 is supported on the 5320.