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    problem with appendChild method


    I have problem when trying to add new elements xmltree by using appendChild:

    // let's assume we have node1 and node2

    var newnode = node1.cloneNode( true);

    var newnodenamebefore = newnode.nodeName;
    node2.appendChild( newnode);
    var newnodenameafter = newnode.nodeName;

    Now for some reason newnodenamebefore and newnodenameafter are not equal. It seems that after newnode is appended to node2 it get's same nodeName than node2.

    Is this bug or what is the reason?

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    Re: problem with appendChild method

    Can you provide a more concrete example / sample code?

    I created a quick example using JavaScript and XHTML, and nodeName was consistent and worked as I would expect.

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    Re: problem with appendChild method


    I can't replicate the problem either, it works fine for me. Maybe you can check your code, a little typo (uppercase/lowercase) could make all the difference.

    Valerie / Forum Nokia

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