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    Problem with Firmware version?

    We have an application which monitors for incoming and outgoing sms and just records number of incoming and outgoing sms count.

    The problem is little strange, the application code works well on all the S60 2nd as well as S60 3rd edition devices. However, on one of N95 devices which has got firmware version 20.0.013 sometimes the messages are getting deleted automatically. Nowhere in the code CMsvEntry:eleteL function is used . The application works well on N95 with Firmware version 20.0.015 and we have never seen it deleting message on the phone with this version.

    Has anybody come across any known issues with message server in that firmware version?

    I can't upgrade the firmware version, because that is the customer's phone . I don't see option to downgrade firmware version on Nokia software updater, Is there a way to downgrade firmware version?

    I tried monitoring all the threads from both the version but they are quite same, only difference is in the order of threads.

    Any suggestions or ideas are welcome.


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    Re: Problem with Firmware version?

    Downgrading firmware is not supported (at least not with NSU, Nokia Software Updater), so you can only go up.

    I don't think firmware 20.0.013 was ever released by Nokia as an official version (unless it is some operator variant). V20.0.15 is that version and now the version is already at 21.0.016. Perhaps you could ask the customer whether you can do the upgrade to v21?

    And, if the 20.0.013 is, indeed, some kind of intermediate build, and whatever causes problems there is fixed in later, official versions, there's probably not much that can be done (unless you figure out a workaround for the issue yourself).

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    Re: Problem with Firmware version?

    Thanks for this. This one O2 UK device. This issue could be for any
    of the devices with samw FW version, so we had to solve it generically for all the users who are using this version.

    We have resolved the issue. The issue was not in the firmware but was in some other part of the code.

    We were sniffing messages (though we were not explicitly deleting them) using MMSvSessionObserver in HandleSessionEventL. On some devices especially the N95 (with the firmware version mentioned earlier) and N73, it is observed that messages are not moved to the inbox if messages are handled in between. Externally it appears that message is deleted. If we manually (from program) move messages to inbox it works well.

    I don't know what is the difference in N73 or N95 from other devices with S60 3rd/Fp1/Fp2 devices. Any Comments (If Any)?


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