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    Question How to run a midlet application?

    I am going to write some code for getting CellID with S60 SDK and JavaME. but i dnt know how to start it...i have got a small piece of code (find at below link) to get cell id.

    how can run this code on the emulator provided with S60 SDK and see the Cell ID? i am using Eclipse editor, but how the JavaME apis will be available with the SDK so that i use those to write this application...

    please guide me to write sample midlet application and run on the emulator for testing...

    thanks for the support you give...

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    Re: How to run a midlet application?

    You Will need to define in your WTK project.
    Goto your Project Settings,
    in User Define you could set your own Properties to emulate it.
    However, in the phone itself, u will find those properties.


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