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    Question developer certificate problem

    hi friends,

    See my application requires extra capabilities so I need a developer

    So I went to the foll. symbiansigned site: [Open Signed Online].

    It asks for the 1) IMEI NO:
    2) Email:
    3) Application(.sis):

    When I enter, I get the foll. error:
    The [.sis] file contains capabilities that are not permitted for Open Signed

    Can anybody help me in this?
    It is urgent.

    himanshu k.
    symbian application developer.

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    Re: developer certificate problem

    Quote Originally Posted by himsymbian View Post

    Can anybody help me in this?
    It is urgent.
    However urgent, its not very nice to multipost!!

    I dont think anybody can share their developer's certificate or publishers Id

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    Re: developer certificate problem

    One thread per question is usually enough: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?p=448525

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