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    Real VNC java applet

    My question is quite complicated, but I'm sure there is a simple answer.

    I have a Nokia 6680. It has Oprea Mini installed on it. I am given to understand that its java version is JME.

    I want to use the realVNC java applet on this phone, preferably through Oprea, but this isn't an absolute requirement.
    The realVNC applet is writen in J2EE, and works perfectly on my desktop through firefox with JRE6.6 installed.

    My question(s) are:
    Can I replace JME with JRE? Or have them running together on the phone?
    Do I need to run a VNC applet wrten specificaly for JME? where would I get one? (I'd prefer F/OSS here if posible)
    Or should I be using a propper sybian application for VNC?

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    Re: Real VNC java applet

    You cannot run JRE (J2SE) Java applets on a phone. Just J2ME Java MIDlets.

    In other words, if you want VNC, you need to find a J2ME (MIDP/CLDC) version (or in the case of the 6680, a "native" Symbian/S60 version for S60 2nd Edition should work, too).

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    Re: Real VNC java applet

    Looks like I've been googling the wrong terms. after I replaced "applet" with "midlet" and I found this:


    which fills my needs exactly. Just goes to show: google is your friend in stiuations like this.

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