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    Question View text source code of web page on E90

    I want to viw the text source code of web pages on the E90. The web pages can be either the ones that are saved on the E90 memory or that is just open in the browser. How can I do do this? Do I need any specific software?


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    Re: View text source code of web page on E90

    I have not seen any way on seeing the code for pages that are not stored in the device, nor can I think of any direct way on seeing the code when you are using web browser.

    And in device, you could try checking them with 3rd party file managers. For example if you install Y-Browser alongside with its Textviewer.

    You could then use File->Open with menu option to open the file with text viewer.

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    Re: View text source code of web page on E90

    The browser doesn't have such a feature, so you need specific software, namely some other web browser application with such support. I don't know of one.

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    Re: View text source code of web page on E90

    And if you just want to learn from inspecting the markups of mobile optimized web sites then it would me a lot more efficient to simply change the User Agent of you PC browser to that of the E90's browser ...
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