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    Some flashlite screensavers - UPDATE - NEW ONE

    Hi. Two new releases screensavers made by me though the first was based in iBattery. I hope that you like and don’t forget to comment and say what you think about the screensavers.

    Screensaver metRoLite v1.1 Nokia N95
    Screensaver metRoLite v1.1

    Screensaver goRect v1.0 Nokia N95
    Screensaver goRect v1.0

    Sorry my english
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    Re: Some flashlite screensavers

    Hi metRo_,

    Screensavers with battery or signal information on them are a great idea, but Im not a big fan of UI copies. How about coming up with your own ideas for a battery? It doesnt even have to be a 'battery' looking icon, the whole background could change, or you could use some other 'inanimate' object.

    Also, Flash is a great tool for creating animations and movement, instead of a static background and battery icon, you could try to animate them when they are idle so that the user is drawn to, but not distracted by, the icons or the ambient background.


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    Re: Some flashlite screensavers - UPDATE

    I'm complete agree with you but i'm new in flash lite so instead of think to have my own ideas i'm just using other ideas to try create the content though now i'm creat my onws ideas like that new screensaver.
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