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    Question Cannot use network location

    Hi everyone !

    I'm trying to use MWS on a E65 in order to get location from Cell ID via rest API.
    My problem is that MWS only allow me to get location from bluetooth GPS, which is great, but I need Cell ID.
    I read about the signing process, but I understood MWS is now signed ?

    Thanks for help,


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    Exclamation Re: Cannot use network location

    Hi all !

    Still stuck with network location in MWS.
    Is MWS signed for location capability ?
    I tried to sign it myself using open sign, but it refuses because the uid is already allocated to another mail address.



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    Re: Cannot use network location

    Would you like to use existing SW and its rest API or are you planning to write your own Python code which gives out the cell ID location?

    Anyway first check that you have enabled network based positioning from phone settings in the following location:
    Tools - Settings - General - Positioning - Positioning methods -> Select "Network based"

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