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    Unhappy I want to display Marquee on a Canvas on Blackberry

    just like tickers in the lists, i want to display Marquee on a Canvas. (Only on Blackberry, because in other J2ME supporting devices it runs fine in MIDlet)
    I have used Timer-Task , and with some logic I am shifting the position of the string.
    I have done it using the repaint() and Thread,sleep();
    In Blackberry the string is not moving as in MIDlet. Instead it only moves when the trackerball rolls.
    I want the app stop waiting for the trackerball event and just moves on showing marquee.
    It seems the app dosn't respond to the repaint() call.
    I have just 24 hours left for doing that. Maybe I can borrow some more time but at least today I am in great hurry.

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    Re: I want to display Marquee on a Canvas on Blackberry

    This might be a better place for asking this question


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