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    Browser redirect to local midlet?

    Given some preinstalled functionality (on-in market handsets) that has the effect of launching a wap browser session from a specified URL, is there any way (assuming I control content at the target URL and I have the blessing/support of the network operator) that I can somehow redirect so that a local midlet on the device gets launched?

    This sure seems like a scenario that JSR-211 (content handler api) is intended to address.

    Some use cases described in that spec seem especially relevant (see below). Are there any devices in the market today that would actually support doing the above via JSR-211? (If so, which device[s]?) The deal breaker we've bumped against so far is where the onboard browser doesn't do JSR-211 (even though the java implementation does).

    Is there some other approach, besides JSR-211, that we should look at?
    We've also considered push registry based approaches but haven't had much success. (Too much latency associated with WAP Push. Haven't been able to reliably establish inbound connections.)



    [excerpt from JSR-211]
    Use Case 1: Distributing new game levels
    New game levels can be distributed as links on a web page or in an email message. When the user invokes the
    link, the corresponding game application is started and the game level automatically downloaded into the game.

    Use Case 5: Upgrading software with new features
    A game developer wants to keep users up-to-date on new capabilities. The game itself checks with the server to
    see if there are new features that match the user’s experience and profile. A link for a game update is displayed
    if appropriate. When the user chooses to upgrade, invoking the link installs the new or updated application and
    restarts the game.

    Use Case 7: Invoking a specific application
    An application may want to provide easy integration with another application in the same suite. The application
    would invoke the messaging client on the device, which will be well known and can be invoked directly by
    using its content handler ID. This would be appropriate for common generic applications and also for specific
    linkages between applications. A typed document or content object does not have to exist to invoke the

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    Re: Browser redirect to local midlet?

    So launching a MIDlet from WAP/Web browser on the device?

    PushRegistry is the only workarond for this. PushRegistry over socket connection would be the fastest, but unfortunately the socket connections coming rom server to phone do not usually work (operator blocking it, IP address of the phone can change rapidly due roaming)


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