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    newbie deployment problem


    I'm just starting to work with Java ME:
    a 'hello world' script works fine in Netbeans IDE
    using the Netbeans deployment, the app gets to my phone, but does not work (invalid application)
    simply transferring the jar to the phone, does not work either

    what could be wrong?
    (the phone is a 5200: s40 3th edition)


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    On which phone you are working with....

    You go and check for the selceted MIDP and CLDC values.Right Click on the project and then click the properties.Then you will see that window in which you will see the all information.Click MIDP 2.0 aND cldc 1.0 OR 1.1.

    This depends upon the phone you are using..
    try this solution..
    Thanks with Regards,

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    Re: newbie deployment problem

    I changed MIDP to 2.0, it works now!


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