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    Sync problem with MS Outlook and PC Suite.

    Downloading MS Outlook data (Name, address, phonenumbers etc.) to the 6210 does only take "Business address" data to load into the mobile phone. Specifying an address at "Home address" is ignored. I can't find any posts on this subject. Anyone an idea how to solve this? I have the feeling that it has to do with the sequence in Outlook of the possible addresses: 1-Business 2-Home 3-Other (See Outlook
    New Contact window in the Address textbox)
    Nokia PC Suite 4
    Nokia PC Sync 1.2
    MS Outlook 97 (XP)
    Mobile phone 6210


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    RE: Sync problem with MS Outlook and PC Suite.

    Hi Wim,

    For end user questions or in questions related to Nokia PC Suites, it is recommended to contact Club Nokia. More information about Club Nokia is available at http://www.club.nokia.com

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