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    Post I am new to JAVAME Plz help me

    Hello every one. My name Kamran. I am a graduate of computer science. I want to start development for Mobile development using JAVAME. But I don't know what to install. what is the development tool. what SDK I have to install. I am also new to JAVA.

    Can anybody plz tell me step by step what I should first install.
    I have visited java.sun.com but the website is so confusing.

    Plz tell step by step. send me links and tutorails.


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    Smile Re: I am new to JAVAME Plz help me

    Hi Kamran,

    I do not know much about Java ME but i can suggest you some links. Check these if they help:

    * http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...d_with_Java_ME

    * http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/reso...nologies/java/

    * http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/Category:Java

    All the best,
    Nokia Developer Wiki Moderation team

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    Re: I am new to JAVAME Plz help me

    First install jdk1.4 or 5 and then install the jdk for j2me. Downlaod the setup of Ktoolbar and install it. You can also use many editor like eclipse, netbeans, Carbide etc

    -Kartik Trivedi

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    Re: I am new to JAVAME Plz help me

    Hi Kamran,

    Another option is to go for some IDE asuch as Netbeans. For that download the netbeans, its mobility pack. If you are targeting the development for Nokia devices then download the s40 SDK from forum nokia. you can use this s40 SDK from netbeans as well.

    Hope this will help you..


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    Thumbs up Re: I am new to JAVAME Plz help me


    You must need the following things:
    2.WTK(wireless tool kit)
    3.Editor for writing the code

    If you are looking for all these things under one roof then just go and click on these links and download the netbeans IDE.It can be downloaded with mobility pack in built or mobility back separated.


    For more information you can refer java.sun.com
    Thanks with Regards,

    R a j - The K e r n e l

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