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    Problem with Nokia device..

    Dear friends,

    I have developed an application using PIM api of jsr(75). In this application, I am fetching the contact list of the mobile memory. This is working fine, but it is working only in sony ericcsson device. I have deployed the same application in Nokia device but is not working. I have tried two nokia device.

    1. Nokia N72 60 series
    2. Nokia3110c 40 series.

    Both the devices support the JSR(75), but the application is not working. I am able to install the application but whenever I am launching app in Nokia N72 become hang and Nokia 3110c display the "Application Error". but same application working in all sony ericsson device which support JSR 75. I dont know where I am wrong. Please suggest me if anybody face this type of the problem.

    Thanks and regards,

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    Re: Problem with Nokia device..

    Hi There,

    Please add the API permissions in the JAD file and try the same. My suspesion is that you are getting the SecurityException.

    you can see refer to the following link for further assistance-



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    Re: Problem with Nokia device..

    I tried the same thing on a Nokia N73. The application just crashes without any error messages after asking the user for permission to access the data (twice). This behavior is exactly the same whether this line is present in the manifest and JAD files or not:

    MIDlet-Permissions: javax.microedition.pim.ContactList.read

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