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    How many character can send to server using httpconnection?

    Dear friends,

    I have developed one application for uploading the contact list of the mobile memory to server. It is working fine. But problem is i am not able to upload more data in one request while I am using POST method for uploading the data. I want to know that how many data can send in one request. My SIM is activated as a airlel live and another one is Mobile office. Both phone is working for the less data. please suggest me what will have to do for the same.


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    Re: How many character can send to server using httpconnection?

    I am not sure if there is a limit to this.

    We had the problem with POST when we wanted to send big data in one chunk.
    If you split data to smaller parts and send them sequentially it should be fine.

    By small I mean something around 576B (this is the amount we used).

    After sending chunk just do flush on the stream.


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