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    Thumbs up Making Settings programatically

    we need help regarding the "Automating the following using Programitically"

    1) Tools>Security Settings> MIDP2 Thwate Premiumserver CAcert> Settings > Application Instattion > YES.

    2) AppManager> Suite Settings > [ MyApplication-Suds] >
    [ Read User data] - Always allowed
    [Write user data] - Always allowed.

    Is there any way, these settings can be done Either PROGRAMITICALLY or AUTOMATICALLY?.

    Please help us.


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    Re: Making Settings programatically

    It is not entirely clear which settings you mean... (setting the certificate to allow app installation or the permissions...)

    I am guessing that you mean the permissions.

    The answer is no. You cannot programmatically change the default settings, the user has to do that.


    PS. Changing the certificate app installation settings programmatically is also not possible

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    Re: Making Settings programatically

    Hello m.manojkumar,

    I agree with Hartti, unfortunately this isn't possible at least with Java ME.

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