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    Problems with number of images

    I've a problem with the number of images in a game I develop. If I try to load 14 images or less everything is fine. If I try to load more than 14 image I get the error message "application cannot run". First I thought this is problem which is caused by a lack of memory but the midlet has only a size of 48 KByte (including images). I use the 7210 Emulator and Borland's JBuilder.

    Knows anybody this problem or is there a limitation of the emulator?


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    RE: Problems with number of images

    Hi Peter.
    Why don't you try to pack all your images into a big one and then tile-it-up at runtime? (see the post previous to yours about this issue). If you load 14 images you add a lot of overhead to your .jar file and heapsize since you have to carry the PNG header for every image you use (with so many images it could be really a bunch of data).
    BTW: there are limitations of the image dimension that can be downloaded on certain devices (definetely on 7210).

    Hope this helps


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