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    Best route to download Midlet to 7650

    We finally got a 7650 we can test on. We are located in the US. Could someone please tell us what would be the best way to download our applications to the phone? Please explain what hardware we will need. We know our options are:

    1. Bluetooth
    2. Infrared
    3. Get a Service provider

    Which one will be easiest. And is there even a service provider here with which this phone will work?

    Thanks for any information

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    RE: Best route to download Midlet to 7650


    To Deploy MIDlets to the 7650 can be done to be done over the AIR.
    That means that MIDlet have to be places to the www server and configure server mime type correctly.
    Then use use wap or gprs settigs provided ny your operator to access
    to the URL address where you have located your MIDlet.
    you need to have data service activated in their SIM card/contract.
    This of course needs your operator and service provider which means also that it makes small costs.

    Free way is to install the MIDlet using Cable, infraRed and bluetooth.
    Just send the files, jad and jar from the file manager the mobile using Cable, infraRed and bluetooth.

    One thing that has to check when configuring www server
    is MIME types, if you want to make your own.

    A useful tool for checking that you have the correct MIME types set up on your server is the web-based header reader at:

    You enter the URL of your WML, JAD, or JAR file (use correct case) and click on the view page button. The website then makes a request to your site and displays information about the HTTP headers that are returned. The header results should be:

    WML file:
    Content-Type: text/vnd.wap.wml

    JAD file:
    Content-Type: text/vnd.sun.j2me.app-descriptor

    JAR file:
    Content-Type: application/java-archive

    All Irda ports / contoller works if they are according the specifivation, best of course it to try before making decission.

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    RE: Best route to download Midlet to 7650

    Use infrared -- send the midlet .jar file it will load automatically


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