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    problem with fscommand2("quit");

    Hi all,
    I need to delete two files after that need to do the quit.

    var myListener:Object = new Object();
    var intervalId:Number;

    function deleteId()
    if(klError == 0)
    fscommand2("quit");//this doesn't work

    function deleteToken()
    if(klError == 0)
    loadVariables("\\Data\\Others\\id.txt", "");
    intervalId = setInterval(deleteId, 1000);

    myListener.onKeyDown = function()
    if(Key.getCode() == ExtendedKey.SOFT2) //exit key
    loadVariables(" /file?klCommand=delete&klPath=\\Data\\Others\\token.txt", "");
    intervalId = setInterval(deleteToken, 1000);

    fscommand2("quit"); in deleteId doesn't work it seems.

    Please help.


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    Re: problem with fscommand2("quit");

    You can try giving an interval of one enterFrame loop before calling the Quit command. By using loadVariables for deleting 2 text file, you are already engaging the runtime in a process. So giving a time space can help in the execution of the Quit command.

    Also you can make sure that you are calling the fscommand2 from the root timeline.

    Let us know if this helps.

    Mariam Dholkawala

    Blog - http://www.mariamdholkawala.com/mobile
    MaD UG - http://www.indimadgroup.com

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    Re: problem with fscommand2("quit");

    token.txt gets deleted but
    klError == 0 inside of deleteId never satisfies
    and thus id.txt never get deleted and also quit is not executed.
    Do you have any suggestions?
    If I press exit(right button) once more the id.txt gets deleted though. But no amount of pressing of exit causes quit to execute?
    How I can set an interval of enterFrame loop?

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    Re: problem with fscommand2("quit");

    Hi Tanvir,

    Are you trying to use fscommand quit as a button event or frame event? If you use it as a frame event, Flash Lite will silently skip it. It only works as a button event.

    If you want to do some process before quiting the application, you can use KuneriLite close command. As far as I know, there is no other way.



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