I am trying to use a Nokia 30 as a GSM modem attached to a Windows NT4 host. The Nokia 30 is attached to com1 via the 9pin to 9pin cable provided in the kit. I have an application that dials out using AT command strings. I am trying to find out what is the command string I would use in my application. I am wanting to use CSD or HSCSD

I have tried
AT&F to set back to defaults
then AT+CBST=51,01 but get modem is not ready...

I have tested the modem it can dial out using a phone dialer application, however the application that that I use has at settings for most modems as below. I have added the Nokia 30 but need a the correct/optimum string

see example of others modems below

Netcomm 1234SA AT&F AT\N3&K3&D2S7=30

Nokia 30 AT&F AT+CBST=51,01;CHSN=6,0,0,0;ATD+

OKI PCLINK 2144 AT&F AT&C1&D2&E1\Q3\R11&S1

I also want to use the Nokia 30 as a modem that would allow dial in connectivity to the same PC (call it PC1) from another PC (called PC2) via an analog modem. I have the Nokia 30 modem driver installed in PC1 , but when I ring the number of the GSM then it never answers and initializes the modem handshake, it merely rings