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    Talking New to Python for S60 (PyS60)? Read this first!

    Below are some FAQs, asked on the Pys60 Discussion Boards.

    So before making a new thread, please go through the FAQs regarding Pys60 listed here, and if you are lucky you will find your answer here itself. If not feel free to start a new thread.

    PyS60 FAQS
    Is PyS60 only for S60 and Symbian^1 devices? Not for S40?
    PyS60 is available for S60 3rd Edition devices onwards. PyS60 doesn't support S40 platform.

    Do other manufacturers except Nokia, support PyS60 runtime?
    Yes, Samsung does! Find more details http://innovator.samsungmobile.com/c...platformId%3D0.

    What are advantages of using Python over other technologies?
    The main characteristic of Python (which is termed as a "Pseudo-code that runs") is its ease and simplicity of its use. It is powerful in functionality than other runtimes available on the platform and can be easily extended using native Symbian C++. Further reading - Python in a Nutshell

    Where can I download the most recent PyS60 installer?
    The most recent PyS60 packages are available at Python Downloads.

    I see so many files for download which one do I need to install?
    The Python Downloads explains briefly what each file is for. There are specific instructions on which you install in the Python Quick Start.

    I installed Python on my phone but there is no icon. What could be wrong?
    The Python runtime itself has no icon, so that you can have Python installed along with your application without confusing a casual user with superfluous icons. There's a separate package called Python Script Shell which provides the familiar text console Python has on other platforms.

    Note: You can find the Python Script Shell in Start|Programs|PythonForS60 2.0.0|PyS60 Dependencies folder after you install the Python windows installer

    When I click on the Python icon nothing happens. What could be wrong?
    Please check if you installed Python runtime.

    What are PyS60 extensions? Where can I find a list of extensions?
    PyS60 Extension can be called libraries which present functions that can be called from Python and internally calls native Symbian methods. Most of the extensions can be found listed here.

    There is a chapter in the Python on Symbian wiki book that explains how to extend Python, and provides links to more detailed information.

    Will extensions meant for 1.4.x releases, work on current PyS60 2.0.0 release? Why?
    Unfortunately, they won't work just out of the box. They need to be ported to work on 2.0.0 release because the folder structure changed in 2.0.0.

    Why are there only countable number of (or few) extensions available for PyS60 2.0.0?
    As 2.0.0 release is new, not many extensions exist for them. However, making an extension (or porting to 2.0.0) is not too difficult, refer to PyS60 documentation.

    I created an application with PyS60 1.4.x release, would it run with PyS60 2.0.0 release?
    Yes, it should (except the below mentioned exceptions), but you will need to build the SIS file again with your script, using PyS60 Application Packager.

    * module name ''topwindow'' should be used in 1.9.x (instead of 'TopWindow' in 1.4.x)
    * ''btsocket'' should be used instead of ''socket'' in 1.9.x
    * ''e32calendar'' should be used instead of ''calender'' in 1.9.x
    Note: ''socket'' and ''calendar'' refer to the Python core modules in 1.9.x

    How can I make a regular application out of a Python script (i.e. icon on the phone menu)?
    The program used to convert a script into a SIS file is the PyS60 Application Packager, which is installed through PythonForS60_2.0.0_Setup.exe. A detailed guide on using PyS60 Application Packager is available in Python on Symbian book.

    Note: You still need the Python runtime installed on the phone for the PyS60 application to work.

    I installed my application (packaged as SIS) but all it does is flash briefly and closes. What could be wrong?
    Probable causes,
    * Check if PyS60 runtime is installed on the device as well.
    Note: Applications packed with PyS60 2.0.0 Application Packager tool, automatically download/update to the required version of PyS60 runtime on the first launch of the application.
    * If the script (which throws some error) is packaged as a sis file, the applications flashes briefly and crashes. If no visible cause of error is observerd, The best possible solution is to debug the packaged sis application. Refer to [http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...ing_techniques PyS60 debugging techniques].

    My program works wonderfully under the PyS60 Script Shell, but as a SIS file it gives during installation - "Required application access not granted". What gives?
    If your application uses special capabilities, you need to sign get it signed either by a development certificate, Open signed online or Symbian Signed. More details here.

    I used Open Signed Online to sign my application which uses capabilities that are not available to self signed applications. It still crashes when I try to use those features. What could be wrong?
    You also need to set the capabilities when creating the package using the PyS60 Application Packager.

    I get a 'certificate error' while installing an extension. What do I do?
    Read this article : How to update an old extension.

    Is there a place where I can find sample applications?
    Yes, sample applications can be found here and on Forum Nokia Wiki.

    Where is the documentation?
    * PyS60 documentation is available online at http://pys60.garage.maemo.org/
    * It can also be downloaded in a pdf format from https://garage.maemo.org/frs/downloa...umentation.pdf

    I seem to have found a bug/I have a feature request! Where should I report it or add it?
    The place for bug reports and feature requests is here: http://garage.maemo.org/tracker/?group_id=854

    How can I contribute to PyS60 development?
    * Python 2.0.0 source code is now available on symbian foundation repository.
    * Check out the PyS60 Landing page on Symbian Foundation, for more details.

    Happy Pythoning !
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    Re: New to Python for S60 (PyS60)? Read this first!

    I've closed this thread. If you wish to add to it drop me a note.


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    Re: New to Python for S60 (PyS60)? Read this first!

    Ensymble was moved to Google Code today. The FAQ should be updated to reflect the change

    There are multiple links to the old page. The new address is:


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