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    Any ideas about the following probs?

    I have just recently upgraded from the 3330 to the super dooper 7650.
    However I`m having one or two probs.

    Firstly, I have managed to crash the software (a`la Windows style) on two occasions.

    Secondly, the Hands Free only works intermittently. Sometimes I push the button and nothing happens. And yet other times it switches over fine.

    Thirdly, I have a Multimedia Message stuck in the out-box so (get this) whenever I now push the default hands free button the handset goes into GPRS mode and tries to send the message, which for some reason refuses to go!

    Anybody got any ideas. Pleeeeeaaaasssse!

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    RE: Any ideas about the following probs?


    Firstly, this is a developer forum not a place for end-user questions.

    Secondly, you can find end user support from your local network operator, your phone dealer or Nokia Careline.

    Thirdly, answer for the last question would be that you have wrong MMS settings in your handset, ask correct ones from your operator.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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